Gajar ki Barfi Recipe

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Gajar ki Barfi Recipe- Gajar ka Halwa and Gajar ki Burfi both are very famous and delicious desserts. Halwa made of Gajar also popular as gajrela is a sweet dessert pudding originating from the Indian subcontinent, associated mainly with the North India.

This is a classic and great Indian dessert prepared with fresh carrots- grated and blended in milk. To overcome the long preparation time, I have used condensed milk in the place of milk. This burfi is packed with all the goodness of carrots. Carrot burfi tastes absolutely divine. Everyone, young and old enjoys traditional homemade methai (sweet). Carrot burfi is perfect for all occasions.

Gajar ki Barfi Recipe

Gajar ki Barfi Recipe- Soft and sweet dish…. best for your sweet cravings in winters. Also this gives you a break from usual Gajar ka halwa.

  • 1 Kg Carrots ((4 Cups of grated carrot))
  • 3-4 Tablespoon Ghee
  • 400 ml Condensed Milk
  • 10-12 Peace Dry fruits (cashews, raisins, almonds, pistachio)
  1. Take red juicy carrots and peel off and wash them in running water to remove all the dust. Grate carrots either manually or using food processor (as I did 😛 to reduce time).

  2. Heat ghee at low flame in an open karahi or thick bottom pan. Add grated carrots to the karahi and stir at low flame till carrots start changing colour.

  3. Now add condensed milk to the karahi and let it cook at low flame. Stir occasionally to avoid burning smell from the dish. This process will take time until condensed milk blends completely into cooked grated carrots.

  4. When carrots seems cooked and blends in condensed milk, add dry fruits and mix well to give a smooth consistency to the dish.

  5. Keep stirring until both condensed milk and carrots gets blended and the halwa gets thick. Now transfer all the halwa into a the greased tray and spread evenly. Set it aside to cool.

  6. You can even keep it in the refrigerator to set. Cut into squares or diamonds and Garnish with dry fruits of your choice. Serve as and when required. 🙂

  • Stir continuously the dish, otherwise it can stick to the bottom of karhai and smell as burnt.


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